Arthur Frank MD, Weight Management


I have been working on understanding the disease of obesity and its impact on patients for more than 30 years. Caring for patients has taught me that obesity is a complex lifelong disease rather than a condition easily remedied by surgery or the latest diet. Weight control can be accomplished with a comprehensive treatment plan that provides continuing medical management of the complicated neurochemical, biological, hormonal and situational factors involved.

Reaching your weight loss goals and succeeding at maintaining your weight loss takes a commitment from both of us. Together, we can reduce the risks to your health that are associated with obesity by focusing on how best to manage your weight within the context of your life.


Television News Interviews

Fox 5 - Are Food Cravings an Addiction to Food?

"Some people have a pattern that is very suggestive of the kind of neurochemical addiction that we see with other problems. Not everyone who is obese is addicted (to food). But some people are. We don't have good ways of differentiating who is addicted and who is not.  But we are getting there."



WUSA Channel 9 - Should Extremely Obese Children Be Taken Away from Their Parents?

Unfortunately this (suggestion) reinforces the whole notion that someone is to blame for this problem.  Very often these children have something wrong with their regulating systems and they are overweight because they have a dysfunctional neurochemistry".